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Chapter 1
    She sat in the Roseyard Cafe in the small town of Haybury, Astari watching the blonde waitress with the blue bangs. A smirk crossed her face as she thought back to the first time she had seen her, she was older back then, but she still remembers what she said. Sipping on her vanilla milkshake, she takes another chance to look around and take in her surroundings.  
    A few other people were scattered around the small cafe, either alone or talking with someone. The walls were red with velvet little roses of all colors decorating them. Smokey gray tiles lined the floor perfectly and the tables were all matching with booths on the edge and wood chairs in the middle. An L-shaped bar with a display case of desserts stood perfectly opposite of the entrance, a large menu with everything on it hung up above the long kitchen window.
   The woman herself had long wild hair, tanned skin and piercing silver eyes. If she stood up she would stand at
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DBotD: Chapter 2
Luciana PoV
    Destiny couldn't keep the smile off her face while she stood there, tying the tie that she wants me to wear. Of course, I didn't want to, but it's not like I can actually say no after the little morning treat she gave me this morning. Just thinking about it made me blush and smile goofily. Yanking on the tie a little hard, she was easily able to get my attention. Looking at her sheepishly, I scratch the back of my head, my smile still present,
   "Are you done yet?" I ask curiously, laughing when she huffs and pats my cheek.
   "I would have been done sooner if you had quit whining about it, sheesh, it's JUST a tie." Her teasing simply makes me roll my eyes. I purse my lips thoughtfully, wrapping my arms around her waist and bringing her close.
   "Mmmmmm, please, you know I could never say no to either of you, especially not both." The twinkle in her red eyes was all the proof that I needed, "I know you and Aury planned this form
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So the past couple years have been extremely interesting and a pain in my ass, on top of switching to a more demanding job, having to move back with my parents (the worst torture you can ever give me), and my laptop basically dying, I've had to deal with what life has thrown at me and I want to say I've finally pulled ahead just a few steps at the very least. My return is mostly due to me finally saying fuck it and getting a 'new' laptop from work as well as my twin/coworker/roommate, Peerlessgrimm, taking an interest in learning how to draw to which I have been giving him pointers and whatnot so check him out, he's definitely made progress, that's for damn sure.

Alright, so, the most important part is that I am still with my absolutely stunning mate, without her I do not know what I would even do in life, she keeps me grounded and yet at the same time so high to the point where I feel like I'm floating. We've had our ups and downs and even after all of the stupidest shit I've done she's still putting up with me. She is a goddess in her own rights and I cannot be happier that I am the one who gets to call her mine. Also!!! She said that she'd be in the states before the end of 2018!!!! Gods, it's so hard falling asleep without her in my arms or even by my side.

Onto this new job, I stopped working with my dad full time sept 2015 and only recently started working with him again on one of my days off from my other job within the past few months. I now work at a pawn shop, the busiest/largest pawn shop in the state from what I hear from customers and coworkers, and I love it so much. As much as I hate having to deal with people, I genuinely love what I do and despite hating people I apparently have amazing customer service from what I hear. I've learned so much by working here is this past year and a half, not to mention all of the muscle I've gained as well. Only thing that sucks was I was never really properly trained and, as many of us like to say up there, was basically thrown to the wolves to learn on my own. Now I can do rudimentary car audio(hah I can hook up simple decks and kinda sorta amps XD), can tell when most jewelry is fake or what type it is and how much it'd cost/we'd give, I know so much more about electronics and musical instruments then I know what to do with. And then there's my favorite............FUCKING KNIVES AND SWORDS OH MY GODS, YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!! *dies* I love them so much and we do happen to get in quite a few every so often. I got Ichigo's tensa zangestu for $15!!! This fucking thing is taller than me with boots on!!!! Then there's quite a few more beauties that I have my eyes on as well. I also got my favorite Shinwa White Emperor double edged katana from there my first year too. Me and my twin are referred to as our sword/knife experts and are always called upon when a customer brings them in. And don't even get me started on the deals that we can get on stuff sometimes, especially games, I once got two pokemon 3ds games plus another for $12, among many other amazingly awesome deals. But yeah, around february last year we lost about seven people in two weeks including our head manager meaning I worked open to close for about a month or two after that and even then barely got a break. I had virtually no time to draw or even write (the only time I ever sit is on my lunch break I swear otherwise I'm always on my poor feet). 

Moved out of my old house august 2016 because of the living situation and I was beginning to grow rather depressed and homicidal because of the events transpiring in the house until I said fuck it and moved back to my parents which was more torturous than I had honestly thought it would be, don't get me wrong, I love my parents, but I cannot deal with their constant nagging and fighting and then there's the feeling of no privacy as well. However, fast forward a couple months and november 2016 I get the house literally right down the street from my parents, one I've been waiting to become vacant for years and originally the house that I wanted in the first place but the lady was still living here. I was so happy when my dad told me that the house was now vacant and to let the landlord know if I wanted it before he put the ads up on it. Only thing that sucks is that the bills together are about $1200 a month, but at least I do have one roommate and a way better one than my previous one at that. We didn't actually get internet until about december I wanna say and I didn't get my laptop until sometimes in march I wanna say. I legitimate live off of ramen noodles, spaghettio's, hot pockets and a couple other microwaveable freezer items so more or less like most college kids. Rarely do we have any home cooked meals or even go out to eat. I rarely eat dinner anyways so meh.

On a side note, I'm actually comfortable with where I'm at now, it feels more and more like home each day and I can say I have the beginnings of a solid foundation to stand upon. My art life has been put on an involuntary hiatus long enough for my real life to grow and develop into what it is, it is no longer a little baby needing constant care (well, I mean, it always will I'm just getting more proficient at handling it I suppose) At least I didn't forget how to draw in the loooooong time that I spent not doing so regularly, but I definitely did take a few steps back because of it. I promise, this time I'll try to give you guys some sort of warning before I suddenly fall from the face of the earth and sorry for taking up so much of your time if you actually read the whole thing, just trying to cram events of the past couple years into a few paragraphs
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Michelle Milani
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I know!!!! I miss you!!! I've just had a lot of stuff going on these past few years with work and just living period (nothing like that terrible or life threatening......well.....besides having to move back in with my parents for a couple months till I got a new place with a new roommate, gods that, was horrible). I actually haven't gotten on da for a while nor have I done much drawing because of work but yeah. Now that I'm finally settled a little bit with a more steady ground beneath my feet, I'm gonna try to become more active here and post some more stuff too
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Well I'm glad it's nothing too bothersome. Despite the setbacks I'm glad to hear from you again after so long! I nearly forgot about you were it not DA reminding me of your birthday. :XD: Happy belated birthday btw! Hope that was at least enjoyable :party:

Hope to see you around a little more often. :aww:
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I know right, same here, you were definitely one of the people that I missed talking to the most! Well I'm certainly glad that you did not forget about me, it would have been sad if you did and thank you. It was definitely enjoyable, despite having to work on it, but meh, still had a pretty awesome day, my mate even had chocolates and real flowers sent to me and bought me  dishonored 2 for the ps4

Oh I'm planning on being around more often, might even start uploading a few things here soon, prolly mainly stories until I scan a few of my more recent drawing to put on da
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Sure, I can do requests, just send me a note of what you want and I'll let you know if I can do it.
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